Funding guideline/ Funding calls

A crucial prerequisite for the spread of electric mobility in Germany is that there are enough charging stations and that they are user-friendly. Many people will only purchase an electric vehicle when they can recharge nearby within an acceptable period of time. Therefore the “Funding guideline for electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Germany” supports the nationwide establishment of a demand-driven network of charging stations.

The EU also requires member states to establish a well-balanced, nationwide charging infrastructure through its Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive – AFID). To this end member states developed National Strategic Frameworks (NSFs) by November 2016. An important step in supporting the market ramp-up of electric mobility is the development of sufficient and user-friendly infrastructure.
In order to ensure fast, straightforward charging that reflects user needs, nationwide construction of DC fast-charging stations will be accelerated through the funding guideline. Furthermore the BMVI is supporting the roll-out of AC regular charging stations, or intermittent charging, at locations where users park for longer. All these efforts will secure a nationwide and demand-driven charging infrastructure for battery-electric vehicles in Germany. In the process this will drive the establishment of a dynamic market, which already takes into account existing infrastructure and is characterised by functioning competititon between charging infrastructure providers throughout the country.

Under the funding guideline the BMVI has already published two calls for proposals. The last call funded the construction of up to 12,000 regular and 1,000 fast-charging points. Around 100 million euro was allocated for this. The funding was aimed at private investors as well towns and municipalities.

Following the completion of the first funding call, an interim result of application processing as well as a complete list of approved funding recipients so far is now available online. Relevant information can be found at the following link:

The deadline for the second call for applications under the “Funding guideline on charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Germany” ended on Monday, 30/10/2017 at 4pm. The funding portal of the federal government, easy-online, was simultaneously closed for this call. At present it is not yet known when the next funding call will take place.